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Identity Theft: Frequently asked questions

If I received a message from GPO, should
I be concerned that GPO’s computer system has been breached?

NO! Computers used in scams are typically located in countries other than the United States. Scammers do not have access to GPO member names or information. They randomly send out mass e-mails in hopes that some of the recipients will respond and provide them with the information they need to steal that person’s identity and money.

If the message didn’t come from GPO,
how did they get my info?

The messages using GPO’s name were distributed completely at random. In this situation, the initial contact could have been made to thousands of people (members and non-members alike). Out of those thousands of people, a handful may actually be a GPO member. Out of that handful, they hope one or two might fall for their scam.

Another way that fraudsters gather their contact information is by scanning the Internet for places that you may have left your address, they can even use spyware to get into your computer’s address book. Unfortunately, it is impossible to remove your e-mail address from the fraudsters mailing list.

I received a message, but I replied and told them to stop contacting me ...

If you respond to a fraudulent e-mail, all you have done is let them know that your e-mail address is live. Lists of live
e-mail addresses receive a higher price for people who sell these lists. When you verify that you have a live e-mail address, you will begin to receive more fraudulent and SPAM e-mail. It is best to never respond to a message from a sender that you don’t know. Simply delete it.

Does GPO send e-mails?

Yes, occasionally GPO does send e-mails to members who have opted in to our e-mail list. These e-mails are generally promotional in nature, but may also contain alerts (such as security alerts). GPO will NEVER send e-mails that contain direct links to pages that request your personal information. In addition, we will never ask you for your confidential information, such as usernames, passwords and credit card details via e-mail, phone, or text message. As your financial institution, we have the necessary information on file to assist you with your accounts.

Always remember that GPO will never solicit account information
via e-mail, phone, or text message.

Please note that if you feel you received a fraudulent message, we appreciate any and all notifications from members. But in combating the scam attempt, we may not have the time to respond individually to each message that is forwarded to us.