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We saved members $10 million in 10 years.

We’ve been working toward this milestone for the past 10 years, and on Oct. 23, 2014, we did it … we saved our members $10 million in 10 years! In the past 10 years, GPO refinanced 6,472 higher rate loans from other institutions for an average savings of more than $1,500 each.

Not everyone saves $1,500 though … the loan that brought us over our $10 million mark came from a member who was hoping that GPO could help her pay her student loan off more quickly than anticipated. She had $8,200 still left to pay at a rate of 9.99%. Her loan was scheduled to be paid off in over 11 years! She took advantage of GPO’s personal loan flash sale, and refinanced her student loan balance with GPO at a rate of 1.99% for a mere 12-months! She is going to save $5,400 by switching her loan to GPO … and, her loan will be paid off a whopping 10 YEARS SOONER!

Do you have loans at other institutions, store credit cards, student loans? Visit your nearest GPO branch for a savings analysis. Remember, we save our members an average of $1,500 per loan … or MORE!

We’re very proud of this accomplishment … saving 6,472 members more than $10 million is a big deal to us at GPO! Thank you for choosing GPO, and we can’t wait to keep counting the savings for our members!

Bring your loans and credit cards from other institutions to GPO and see how we can switch and save you money.Bring your higher-rate loans to GPO from other institutions!

Loans of any type ... auto, personal loans, mortgage, credit cards ...

We save members an average of $1,500 PER LOAN!

How much can a lower rate save YOU? These are real examples of savings:

$20,000 in credit card debt that WAS 22% ... Refinanced to a GPO Signature Loan at a rate of 5%.

This member will save $11,700 and that debt will be paid off in FOUR YEARS!

$20,000 Auto Loan that WAS 4.99% for 5-years ... Refinanced to a GPO Used Auto Loan at a rate of 2.19%.

This member saved $2,000 AND shortened the term of their loan by TWO YEARS!

Put the money back in YOUR pocket ... where it belongs. Refinance your loans from other institutions with GPO today!